Masiyiwa Accused Of Stealing The Sasai’s Health Status’s App Concept


In a report by Daily Maverick, Strive Masiyiwa has been accused of stealing the App concept of the Sasai’s Health Status Report. David Rice who is also the co-founder of PocketPatient MD is accusing the Econet boss of initiating an idea which they originated together and also defamation.

Since the two parties have been working together, that is PocketPatientMD and Health Status Report (HSR), it means the case involves claims of misappropriation of intellectual property. According to David Rice, He has been in good books with Strive since 2018 and they were having a conversation about tapping into the potential in the African eHealth market. They agreed to have a joint effort to make the idea come to life.

The makers of PocketPatientMD claim Masiyiwa defamed them in the highest ranks of the African the two parties have been working together although the precise nature of their cooperation is now hotly disputed between the parties.

The app is centered on a range of functions aimed at connecting “stakeholders” to a healthy ecosystem, including recording patient records and linking with government programs. David claimed their platform has been live and in use in multiple African countries for most of this year.

Masiyiwa, later on, developed and funded AMSP as part of his philanthropic initiative. During Launch Masiyiwa said,

This platform is a non-profit platform to help African countries procure Covid-19 medical supplies.

It has moved hundreds of millions of medical supplies. It has nothing to do with digital apps.

Masiyiwa was Quoted saying;

We are excited to be working with African Union member states, Africa CDC [Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention] and our implementation partners by offering the Health Status Report, a mobile-based, global health information platform – powered by secure blockchain technology – that captures a person’s Covid-19 testing data and results.

On the other hand, The CEO of Cassava, Darlington Mandivenga, says that in fact AMSP was built by a group called Vaya Africa and not under Cassava, and was a gift to the African Union from Masiyiwa. AMSP has no relationship to or connection with Cassava Fintech.

We are the biggest builders of digital platforms in Africa and we have numerous third-party platforms from well-established vendors in the US and China. We don’t need to go to a small team with no IP and no skills for something like this,

Rice however denied the allegation that approached Cassava for funding, he also highlighted on how he has taken legal procedures in solving the issue.

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