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Cassava Smartech’s social platform Sasai has been making moves in trying to penetrate the African content by offering different strategic campaigns as a way to attract new users to the platform. The social platform is now in paid partnership with some socialites and content creators such as Ray vines. With now over 100 000 downloads on google play store, Sasai is now receiving a fair rating after a couple of upgrades on the platform.

Sasai attracts a fair cost for users to connect and this is probably a penetration to hook up as many users as possible but also we cannot ignore the fact that they are also the ones who actually provide the data. So lets get straight into Sasai and see what it is really composed of.

On the bottom left is an upcoming “SasaiPay” which will allow users to make payments. Payment platforms such as Ecocash will be attached to it and it will also facilitate other payments such as ZESA tokens. It’s just labelled “Coming Soon” meaning we cannot exactly predict when it will be available. The government’s move to reduce daily transactions for ecocash can temper with the success of the upcoming feature as it will seem to be less relevant. This can however save you the USSD hassle as options will be available on one goal.

The Chat option attached next to SasaiPay will give users the WhatsApp kind of vibe as they are almost very similar. In addition, users are given an option to check on chat history and the updated version also came with the QR code which has since been adopted by many systems and applications. I’ll be back to explain how the QR code works some other time, but I can assure you it’s very convenient as it just requires user to scan, it is also an improved security measure.

The “Explore” feature is a summary of the whole platform as it packaged almost all the features on one page. My current favourite is the Podcast feature. That was a wow move for me, in fact it’s one of those features that keeps me coming back to the social platform. It features the best podcasts from the world and even podcasts from Wondery.

Audio version of the book “The Herdboy” which was recently published by our very own Banabasi Marambire is amongst the podcasts available on Sasai. Also, the search feature will allow users to get precise content which satisfies their taste.

Other features which maybe of interest includes the “Team Talk” which is basically WhatsApp’s version of groups. “Wi-Fi Finder” is another feature which is just 50/50 if I may say, I doubt if many people would really opt to use it though considering how our cell phones can do that without another application.

I would suspect they are still working on some of the features such as “Health Status Report” and “Watch” as they do not properly work yet.

Oh I almost left this one, There is one more feature which may spark interest. ”Moments” brings a facebook type of feeling to users and helps them engage by liking and commenting on posts, It is also one of the features now used the Econet Co-founder, Strive Masiyiwa for his mentorship classes which has huge engagements especially on platforms like facebook.

Then goes the “Profile” section, one thing I actually like about this one is how users can put cover pictures, it gives an outstanding look on one’s profile and thumbs up for that one. Users can also logout in case one has multiple profiles.


Well, It’s still however not a go to app for things such as chatting as it still has relatively few users and also still need to be at par with WhatsApp even it terms of smoothness. I however appreciate how it offers variety on one stop. More can still be done to improve the platform and simple touch ups such as Dark mode and even offer Sasai Web which will allow users to use simultaneously with the PC can trigger positive response from users.

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