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Civil Servants And Pensioners Can Use Their NOSTRO Cards At These Points: Zimswitch


The US$75 promised to all civil servants early this year is finally here, many doubted if the NOSTRO would actually work and it seems to be coming to life. The money is valued at interbank rate and they will be collecting in ZW$.

Zimswitch claims that banks have upgraded and can now facilitate NOSTRO payments, in a statement they wrote:

 To date banks have been re-configuring their payments infrastructure to support the local payments of goods and services in USD via Zimswitch enabled Point of Sale machines. A number of merchants in different parts of the country both big and small retailers are now accepting Nostro POS purchases. The service is attracting volumes especially from civil servants and pensioners who are now able to spend their USD Covid 19 allowance without having the hassle of converting their funds back to the local currency for transacting purposes.

Click Here : List Of Retailers You Can Use For NOSTRO FCA Transactions

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