College Central Film’s Wadiwa Wepamoyo Season One Episodes Hacked.

Wadiwa Wepamoyo Season One Episode 9 Cover Picture

The online Television series Wadiwa Wepamoyo’s YouTube channel is the recent victim of cyber attack. Followers of College Central Films the owners of the series were left shocked early hours of yesterday Friday 15th of May 2020 when channel the disappeared from YouTube.

The alleged hacker was merciless as over 30 videos including the whole season one with ten series mysteriously vanished. The channel was immediately named Dave Ramsey. It was a double loss to the owners and the followers as, over 60 000 followers were all wiped.

The channel was hitting average viewership of between 250k to 300k per episode of the Wadiwa Wepamoyo first season which had ten episodes.   

College Central was collecting revenue estimated at anywhere between $483 – $7700 per month. Now that all that content which was the source of this revenue has been removed – the film company will no longer be making money from their channel until this is resolved.

The channel was then renamed as Dave Ramsey Live

If College Central is able to recover their account one would hope that there is a possibility for them to have their content put back up and have all their views and interactions restored.

Considering the support the series was receiving, there might be a need for the directors to urgently create another new YouTube channel and ring fence it with needed security.

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  1. the producer must employ a raft of measures including protecting of the works. benchmark with Wenera and other players to protect their efforts..

    1. thatsvery true sad the way it happened

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