Econet In Alphabet’s X Deal To Roll Out Project Taara Wireless Light-beam Broadband In Africa


Moonshot Factory is an Alphabet’s X subsidiary which is involved in doing different tech projects. On Tuesday, they aired the news on its upcoming “Project Taara” high-speed optical wireless broadband which it is working in partnership with Econet. The parties will start rolling out its tech across Sub-Saharan Africa, in specific Kenya.

Kenya was the first country to witness the series of small pilots but now Taara and Econet are ready to start adding high-speed wireless optical links to supplement and enhance Econet service reach more broadly, starting with Liquid Telecom customers in Kenya. To extend the reach of broadband networks to parts of the Earth that have typically not had access or high-speed connections probably due to infrastructure challenges or other

reasons, Taara is another approach in place to help expansion.

To give you a heads up, X’s Taara is basically a fiber optic network cable without the cable which uses a narrow, invisible beam of light to transmit data between two terminals that can span up to nearly 12.5 miles, while providing transfer speeds up to 20 Gbps, which means they can be used to connect thousands of customers or households while providing speeds high enough for streaming high-quality video.

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