Econet’s Revised Tariffs


Social media bundles

Daily Bundles
DataPackageOld Price
New Price
4MBWhatsApp and Pinterest2.003.00
12MBWhatsApp and Pinterest5.008.00
20MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai8.0013.00
20MBFacebook, Snapchat and Sasai8.0013.00
20MBInstagram and Sasai6.0010.00
20MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai6.0010.00
45MBInstagram and Sasai14.0022.00
45MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai14.0022.00
45MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai18.0029.00
45MBFacebook,SnapChat and Sasai18.0029.00
Weekly Bundles
DataPackageOld Price
New Price
65MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai26.0041.00
140MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai53.0084.00
140MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai53.0084.00
140MBInstagram and Sasai38.0060.00
140MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai60.0038.00
Monthly Bundles
DataPackageOld Price
New Price
240MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai87.00139.00
400MBWhatsApp, Pinterest and Sasai143.00228.00
400MBFacebook, SnapChat and Sasai143.00228.00
400MBInstagram and Sasai98.00156.00
400MBTwitter, LinkedIn and Sasai98.00156.00

Daily data bundle

Data AllocationOld Price
New Price
20 MB8.0013.00
40 MB16.0026.00
80 MB32.0051.00
150 MB58.0093.00
250 MB98.00152.00
600 MB150.00240.00
1200 MB225.00360.00

Weekly data Bundle

Data AllocationOld Price
New Price
20 MB8.0013.00
60 MB24.0038.00
160 MB63.00101.00
250 MB98.00156.00
370 MB120.00192.00

Monthly data bundles

Data AllocationOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
100 MB42.0067.00
270 MB113.00180.00
500 MB200.00320.00
700 MB265.00424.00
1 400 MB500.00800.00

Private Wi-Fi Bundles

DataOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
15GB950.001 520.00
25GB1 500.002 400.00
50GB2 200.003 520.00
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