Here Is An Easy Way To Wirelessly Sync Your Android Device And Your Windows Computer.


A lot of people may stress on the easiest ways to synchronize their Android phone and computer. With the modern-day way of living, gadgets have become our immediate friends no matter young or old, and moving media from phone to PC can be tedious. In that regard, this article makes emphasis on how best you can effortlessly execute such using Windows PC and Android devices in an instant.

Firstly, in order to have your devices communicating you need to download the Your Phone Companion app from Google Playstore and the Your Phone application software for Windows. The Microsoft Your Phone app is preinstalled on many Windows 10 computers. This is good news if you are tired of connecting your phone to your PC with a cable. This function allows you to do a variety of operations including synching photos, mirroring notifications from Android devices, sending and receiving text messages on your PC, making phone calls using PC etc.

To fully implement this, you need the following:

  • Android software must be 7.0 or later
  • Windows 10 should have an update as of 10 April 2018 or later.

Carrying out the process one needs to have a Microsoft account that can be easily signed up using your existing Gmail. After this, log in on Your Phone Companion Android app with that Microsoft account. Then you just have to grant the Your Phone Companion app permission to access your media let’s say photos. During this setup process, you just tap “Allow” when the Companion app asks to access your Android media. This option is required for photo transfers. Another pop up will ask for permission to let the app run in the background, all you do is Allow.

After granting these two permissions the feature will be ready to use. To access photos from the Android device, you click the Photos tab on your Windows PC. Proceed to select photos from your phone gallery and a whole lot more options are there at the top of the PC screen namely Open, Copy, Save As, Share. This feature especially for the photos has a surprisingly fast synching process. Alternatively, you can make phone calls and text messages at ease using your Windows PC. Try out this additional method to connect your devices and you will surely enjoy the easiness to move your media between phone and PC.

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