Huawei To Drop Android For HarmonyOS In 2021


Huawei is planning to launch its proprietary Harmony operating system on smartphones in 2021.

The readiness of HarmonyOS handsets will largely be contingent on the number of apps Huawei can attract within a short window. HMS Core, Huawei’s counterpart to Google Play Services and the toolkit helping developers build and manage apps, now includes 96 000 apps, the company said.

In comparison, both Google Play and Apple App Store have accumulated apps numbered in the millions.

To lure more apps into its ecosystem, Huawei announced that a beta version of its second-generation operating system — HarmonyOS 2.0 — for mobile developers will launch by the end of this year.

Currently, Huawei is shipping their smartphones base on Android but without Google Play Services. This obviously affects their devices in a negative way, so as a way to compensate they really need to bring something that w ill be worth the change. Fingers crossed as we wait for the new IOS, this can be another whole IOS type of concept whereby they will be fully relying on their eco system

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