Mabel Muchabvunga Butler A Rising Star From Harare Ghetto. Humble Beginnings Now Founder and CEO of Two Companies In USA.

CEO M. M. Butler Tapira Sugaring Products From USA.

The motivational story of Mabel Muchabvunga Butler a Glenview 1 fourth born daughter in a family of five siblings is inspirational. An aesthetician by profession, now based in United States for the past twenty years, which is close to half her entire life. She hails from Mutoko in Mashonaland East Province.  

Skin Care Products from Mrs. Mabel Muchabvunga Butler’s USA Tapira Sugaring Company

An aesthetician is a skin therapist in the USA while in UK and the rest of the world, it is defined as a beauty therapist. The main role of an aesthetician is to work in the Spar doing skin services, facials, body treatment, massages, nails, to name but a few.

Through hard work and determination to follow her dreams she opened her first business, a day Spar in 2010 for facial services, body hair removal using the sugars paste that the company makes and doing massages. The Spar is in Columbia South Carolina. She started the business and named it Body Sugar and Wellness Spa. Founder Mrs Butler saw herself broaden the business in 2015 and opened second company called Tapira Sugaring a skin care company.

When God wants to bless you at times He closes all the doors that you are comfortable in. He makes your comfort zone very uncomfortable so that you can step outside the box and see the larger and broad vision He has for you.

Mabel Muchabvunga Butler: Founder and CEO of Body Sugaring and Wellness Spar and Tapira Sugaring companies.

Tapira was an answer to a call from women both from Zimbabwe and in the world as they were worried as to how they will maintain their natural skins without bleaching. The skin care product is like wax but with better ingredients made of lemon, water and sugar. During her interview with the writer she pointed out that the modern generation is more concerned with what they put on their skin.

ASCP Skin Deep Editor’s Pick 2019 Award Won By Tapira Sugaring Company

Motivational and inspiring story of Mrs. Mabel Muchabvunga Butler

Mabel grew up in ghetto area of Glenview 1, a high density suburbs of Harare Zimbabwe. She finished her ‘A’ level at Morgan High school and was one point shy to be enrolled at University of Zimbabwe to study social work degree program.

Raised by her mum a widow who strived to make ends meet, life was not rosy. Fourth born in a family of five siblings, her mum would go to South Africa, buy car parts and supplied to a car company she had entered into a business contract with. It was then difficult for young Mabel to then relax and sit down upon finishing her advanced level. She had to then meander around and find something to do to augment her mother’s effort towards the family.

One day her eldest brother who was working at Amtec, fixing cars found out there was a school called Sindy’s Beauty Therapy School in Highlands, Harare. The brother was interested to make Mabel gather more information about the school. This was strange school to her mother and herself they never knew about that profession and school. They only knew cosmetology doing hair but something to do with beauty / skin therapists or aestheticians was a new phenomenon to them.

Upon visiting the school Mabel was lured by first the impression, very few students, ten white and two African students attending their lessons. Her mind was boggled if she could manage the demand of the school since she was coming from ghetto and that was an elite like profession with students from leafy suburbs of Harare.

During the interview something resonated which can be regarded as key to the destination of where she is now. She was told the program was about skin care coincidentally herself had skin spots by that time, this nailed her interest for the course [she wanted to know how she will take care of her skin]. Mrs. Butler was further made to like the program during the interview as they highlighted to her that as a school they were issuing international recognised certificates. The school assured her that will make her able to work on international cruise ship companies. Hearing the international recognition and chances of working overseas from ghetto life it sealed her interest to the course. The rest is history.

As a foreigner it wasn’t easy to open business, but as a hard worker I had to first understand the culture, understand the services people need. My husband has been supportive from day one.

Founder and CEO Mabel Muchabvunga Butler

They say some things happens for a reason Mabel took long without finding a job equivalent to her profession whilst in US, with all the experience she had. Whenever she applied and attached her CV the response was that she was too qualified to be employed considering her experience companies were afraid she would not stay longer.  

She would then let her children spend a day playing when they get tired they would sleep, giving her time to work whilst they were fast asleep. Started with one client at their converted spa room [one of their bedroom] and with client base bulging she then rented a room and slowly employing staff members to her business. The Spa is now ten years and growing each year. Mrs. Butler highlighted that the Spa business doesn’t need to be marketed, the service sells itself. Diversifying in business made her to form the Tapira Sugaring company from the Spar business.

Founder ad CEO Mrs. M. M. Butler

She is a mentor, self taught and is ploughing back to the community by moulding other future aestheticians in the USA, mentoring people back home in Zimbabwe, South Africa just to name a few. Mrs. Butler, through her Tapira Sugaring company is offering teaching lessons to cosmetologists and beauty therapists on how to use the sugaring products.

To the youth growing up now I can say, find out who you are, sit yourself down and talk to yourself. You were put on this earth as a unique person with a gift that you need to share to the world. Ask yourself what do I like to do. What can I give to the world, it can be sports, it can being a cosmetologist or an aesthetician. Everybody has something you are good at. Follow your dreams, believe in yourself. It may be hard but consistency and persistency will guide you, take your time and keep fighting for those goals you will succeed.

Founder and CEO Mabel Muchabvunga Butler

Founder and CEO Mabel M. Butler closed the interview by assuring the nation back home, that plans are underway to open the same Tapira Sugaring company in Zimbabwe.

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