Mazda Declared The Most Reliable Car Brand For 2020


Mazda has topped in the top 3 chart of the most reliable car of 2020. Toyota and Lexus follow in the same bracket as they have also been consistent in the same area.

Toyota has been the most reliable car in recent years and for the first time, it has been replaced by previously second-place Mazda for the first time in the 2020 list. It has however replaced Mazda in the second position followed by Lexus on number 3.

2020 recently held reliability survey pointed to the company’s conservative refreshes and redesigns as keys to its success, the company avoiding pesky new powertrain technologies or finicky infotainment systems.

“A car might be great to drive and have all the features you want, but all that won’t matter to you much if you have to keep going back to the dealer for repairs,” said Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. “We use extensive feedback from owners to help you avoid hassles by choosing a reliable car.”

Tesla now sits second from the bottom among all 26 ranked brands. It was pulled lower by the newly-introduced Model Y SUV, which has well below-average reliability and thus cannot be recommended by CR. The Model Y had some build quality issues with body hardware and paint. Many owners reported misaligned body panels that had to be fixed and mismatched paint. One owner reported dust, debris, and even human hair stuck in the paint. Only the Model 3 sedan is reliable and CR-Recommended. Tesla’s S dropped to below-average reliability and is no longer recommended, and the Model X remains subpar.

The Full Rankings

Consumer Reports breaks its rankings down into three subcategories: a small section called More Reliable at the top of the list; a larger section called Reliable encompassing the middle of the pack; and a final small section, Less Reliable, at the bottom. Here are the full scores, with the automaker’s movement in the rankings relative to last year’s CR ranking in parentheses.

More Reliable 

1. Mazda (up 1)
2. Toyota (up 1)
3. Lexus (down 2)
4. Buick (up 14)
5. Honda (up 7)
6. Hyundai (no change)


7. Ram (no change)
8. Subaru (down 1)
9. Porsche (down 5)
10. Dodge (down 2)
11. Infiniti (up 2)
12. BMW (up 5)
13. Nissan (down 2)
14. Audi (no change)
15. Kia (down 6)
16. GMC (up 6)
17. Chevrolet (up 8)
18. Volvo (up 6)
19. Jeep (up 7)

Less Reliable

20. Mercedes-Benz (up 1)
21. Cadillac (up 9)
22. Ford (down 6)
23. Mini (down 13)
24. Volkswagen (up 3)
25. Tesla (down 2)
26. Lincoln (down 11)

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