Musicians Being Victims Of Fake Accounts


As a fan of who always comments on Janet Manyowa’s content, I was dismayed when a page with Janet Manyowa’s name and picture responded to my comment requesting money saying it would be used for charity.

As a technocrat, I quickly got the heads up when I saw a number with a Nigerian code, but my concern was with the number of people who would have fallen for this trick. These scammers temper with the reputation of artists as some fans will not be able to differentiate the accounts or even to look into verification.

To clear the air, Janet’s management expressed concern on their social platforms:

We have discovered that someone has been imitating our YouTube account with a fake Janet Manyowa profile. This would explain the unsolicited messages you have received over the last couple of days pertaining to prophecies and monetary donations. Kindly note these messages were not from us. Thank you to all those who sought clarity directly from us. Stay safe, stay at home.

An article by Herald also revealed that other gospel artists such as Minister Mahendere and Tembalami were also affected by similar activities.

Minister Mahendere also warned his fans using his social media accounts:

Please be careful,” he said. “Do not ask or approach anyone seeking donations or praying over you on any of our public platforms or through private messaging on social media. Please stay vigilant.

Tembalami expressed concern saying something must be done urgently to deal with the scammers. Numbers indicating on the scammers pages are mostly (+234) meaning they is little that can be done, except reporting the accounts.

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