NetOne To Offer Better Alternative For Students Internet Bundles


NetOne has partnered with TelOne and UNESCO to ensure that students are not burdened by the internet tariffs being charged. In a recent engagement, the three parties have agreed to provide students with affordable internet. Although this is still to be officially announced, sources revealed that it’s not only in Zimbabwe where students are facing difficulties in accessing online classes therefore realising a need to chip in as it is a problem being witnessed in many African countries.

The new internet bundle will attract a cost of only 250rtgs for 20Gig and it will be valid for a month, Econet is offering a similar package at a cost of 350rtgs for the same period. According to an article by Techzim, Econet announced that their data bundles will be distributed via institutions, NetOne also seem to have a better option to cut the bureaucracy, sources exposed that a student will just have to go to the nearest NetOne shop with their ID card but of course after verification with their respective institutions.

We also recently highlighted in our recent article how Econet was also distributing these bundles in batches of 50 students. It seems not only is Netone offering the best package, but also an easier way to access them.

We cannot wait for this one, hopefully they won’t be any changes as well.

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