TAZIVA Online To Host A Digital Wellness Meet-up To Discuss Data Privacy And fact-checking Online.


This meet-up aims to discuss and ascertain everyday steps you can take to control your digital privacy, security and wellbeing in ways that feel right to you.

We are hosting this event in conjunction with i Zone Hub which runs  these and other digital wellness meet-ups under the Data Detox and Glass Room projects that were developed by Tactical Tech. TECHZIM will engage as a media partner also as an awareness campaign.

Having access to so much information is this technological era can be both a blessing and a curse. The problem lies when things are not clearly labelled or misleading, making it difficult for you to know what is what. In your offline life, you’ve probably developed mental shortcuts that help you safe.

If you can’t find your bank card, you cancel or freeze it just in case it’s been stolen. Apply the same logic to your digital life. The best defense is to ask critical questions, so you can learn to recognize the difference between a harmless parody and a hoax, between content that’s intentionally misleading or just poorly researched, and to spot red flags and unreliable sources.

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