The Game Changer Albert Takudzwa Chigiya (Tendai) Of The Now Popular Wadiwa Wepamoyo


Born at then Harare Hospital in 1995 Albert Takudzwa Chigiya last born [twin] child of the Chigiya family has managed to shake the emotions of the Wadiwa Wepamoyo fans through his character as Tendai.  The role he plays in the now most sought Zimbabwe homemade Online Television Series indirectly has made Tendai to be hated by many series followers as he is regarded as a love breaker.

The series is centred on a ghetto life of teenagers where Tawanda aka “Man Tawa” is deeply in love with Noku. This captured all the followers as they reminisced true love from the two teenagers. Man Tawa is from an impoverished ghetto family, all he could offer is true love to Noku a high school girl from a better family. Little did Man Tawa know that before his coming into a romantic love affair  with Noku there was Tendai who disappeared only to emerge when the two love birds were engaging a gear up of their relationship.

Albert Takudzwa Chigiya – Tendai

Tendai having material resources, a Nissan boxer and playing an elite sport rugby resurfaced on the scene this then made Noku to change her mind and dropped Mann  Tawa. This is what made Tenda’s character the most hated by the series followers, a job weldone to the scripter writers co-director Derby Bheta and his crew. Tendai the character can be nicely regarded as the game changer, excellently executed role.

Below is a profile of Albert Takudzwa Chigiya aka Tendai


Totororo 200-2001

Mkoba 4 2001-2003

Chedonje 2003-2005

Dambudzo 2005-2007


Manunure High school 2007-2010

HerentalsbCollege 2011-2012

Actors in one of the episodes Tadiwa Kim Bopoto [Noku] and Albert Takudzwa Chigiya [Tendai]


MSU 2014-2019 – Grading BA English and Communication MSU


President of The Glam Awards

Digital Market and Social Media Manager Newsday and Heart and Soul broadcasting Services

Head of Marketing City Maids

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