WhatsApp To Introduce New Feature That Allows Users To Clear Space


WhatsApp will role out a new feature within the app that will help users manage storage and delete files taking too much space.

The new feature to be introduced this week will be available in the application by heading to “Settings” and then “Storage and Data” and then “Storage Management.” Currently, the one available is called “Storage Usage” sorts all available chats according to the amount of space they occupy, listing the number of messages, pictures, gif files, and videos in each chat, and allowing the user to delete each category.

With the new storage management, users will now be able to filter larger and forwarded files. Users will now be able to easily navigate content they need and vice-versa. It will now be possible to delete only large files, or those that have been redirected multiple times.

Personally, as a way to get rid of the storage problem in relation to WhatsApp, I have since made it a routine to delete its database file which is found on its file in the phone’s file manager. WhatsApp does regular backups which can claims up to 1 gig. This will however lead to lose of data in case the app crashes or changed so deleting that folder is really not advisable.

Ability to identify duplicate files is a thumbs up move for me and really looking forward to that one.

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