Zimbabwe Film Industry On Netflix Radar For The First Time.


The sons of the soul film marker Joe Niaguand Thomas Brickhill have broken the jinx and made Zimbabwe film industry to be recognized as their 2018 film, Cook Off the Movie after it was accepted on American streaming site Netflix.

The film has been doing well even before been recognized by the world bigger streaming site Netflix. The first film authored and produced by Zimbabweans to be screened on international platform. Cook Off the Movie premiered at different global stages among them premiering at the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) in 2018 and in London at the Mayfair Hotel last July.

Remembering the 2017 events in Zimbabwe part of the production of Cook Off the Movie was done at the height of the turmoil that led to the resignation of former president, the late Mugabe.

Although it is still unclear when the movie will start showing on Netflix, the producers posted on their official Facebook page on Saturday saying:

We’re so very excited to announce that Cook Off the Movie is going to be released on Netflix. This is such a big moment for the cast and crew who have put so much into making this amazing film – we want to say a huge thank you to all of them for putting so much faith in the process, and to each and every one of you who has cheered us on

Netflix Producers

Social Media platforms were awash with congratulatory messages from Zimbabweans across the world.

Joe Njagu, Tomas Brickhill crew have just made history for Zimbabwe. CookOff will be the first Zimbabwean production to air on NETFLIX

Plot Mhako (Facebook Wall) a Zimbabwean veteran broadcaster based in Germany

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